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May 12

Cucumber Quest

For this weeks comic I choose something a little lighter

Written and drawn by Gigi DG.

This comic is about the adventure of two young bunny siblings. Their world of Dreamside is put in danger when Nightmare Knight, a creature of legend, is summoned by an evil queen.

The comic follows Cucumber and Almond on this exciting quest. Cucumber is an aspiring wizard who just got into a prestigious magic academy, but “destiny” has other plans for him and Almond, his younger sister. She has dreams of one day becoming a great knight, but that isn’t appropriate for a little sister. The two of them meet a lot of interesting characters, good and bad, on their quest to save their home. 

Why should you read it?

This comic is so creative. Gigi clearly put in a lot of effort when creating her universe. Even the towns the characters travel to are very detailed and well thought out. Everything is fun and quirky which helps enhance the story. 

The art is also beautiful. The simplistic but interesting style gives the comic a kind of story book feel which fits the plot, but also helps keep the story light and funny. 

The characters are amazing and easy to grow attached to.You will legitimately root for them to win or fail and care about what happens to them.  

If you want to relive a little bit of your childhood with a smart script and lovable, funny characters check out Cucumber Quest. The story is amazing and will make you giggle the whole way through.

I hope you enjoy Cucumber Quest if you check it out. It updates Sundays and Wednesdays often with bonus updates in between. There is a link in the source. As always send anything you really like my way and maybe I will write something about it. 


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